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This was a very informative and insightful article. I was annoyed that on International Women’s Day the only thing highlighted on the news was Women’s Achievements. To me that is measuring women by a male’s yardstick. Men are all about achievement. That is not the sum total of what I find important. Like you said, that my children are loved, have a secure foundation, that my grandchildren are fulfilled in their lives and know how to love and respect all people and the environment, those are among the things that are important to me. Thanks for this writing. I loved it.

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I'm so glad you enjoyed this. I agree, we're measuring women by a male metric, but it's one that doesn't even do right by most men. It's a system primarily oriented built around what suits corporations rather than communities, and our ability to 'perform' in that is not necessarily a good thing. It sounds like you have a lot of loving, thriving family to your credit, so congratulations on that best of all achievements. :)

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